The Sackson Legacy Collection (Blue) (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



A collection of three games (I'm The Boss: The Dice Game, Banana Blitz & Scope Solitaire) pulled from the design notebooks and older releases of designer Sid Sackson.

I’m the Boss: The Dice Game is about making deals in today’s modern business environment. It is not just about having money; you must also have the expertise in critical fields to pull off these deals. Players roll the dice to increase their knowledge in the 6 career fields. When a player finally reaches the pinnacle of their knowledge, they become an indispensable expert in that field.

While making your moves, you also gather influence in the form of cards that can be used during
your turn or the deal-making process. There are always two potential deals on the table. Watch for the deals that are in your wheelhouse, and be ready to go on the offensive when the time is right. Be wary, as your opponents may be prepared to sidetrack your deal and take it for their own...

Banana Blitz
is played over a series of hands where players try to avoid gaining bananas in tricks. The player to the dealer’s left starts by playing a card from their hand face up on the table. Continuing with the player to the left, each player then also plays one card face up. Players must “Follow fruit (suit)” if possible, meaning they must play a card of matching fruit type as the first card played. If a player cannot follow fruit, they can play any card.

After everyone has played a card, the winner of the trick is the owner of the highest number card of the fruit that was led. The winner takes all the cards from the middle of the table and places them in a personal face-down pile nearby. The winner of the trick then leads the next trick until all cards are played, ending the hand.

In each round of Scope, a player will reveal the top card from the Number Deck. All players will then cross out one or more numbers in their own Grid that add up to the Number Card revealed. A player can skip a card if they wish, even if there is a legal play associated with the card. Multiple numbers may be crossed out only if they are vertically or horizontally adjacent to each other. Or, players may choose to cross out a single number that matches the Number Card.

Once all players have crossed out their number(s), another Number Card is revealed. Play continues until 15 Number Cards have been revealed. The player with the least amount of numbers left on their Grid is the winner.



PLAY TIME: 10-30 mins


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