Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down (2nd Edition)

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The world has not been the same since the moon fell to earth and revealed its very core: The white dragon Tsukuyumi, once a powerful godly creature. After a long period of exile, he has returned to earth to reclaim what was once take from him.

His return has plunged the world into chaos - continents have been shattered and humanity has been virtually wiped out. Tsukuyumi commands his destructive army of the Oni from the marshy bottom of the former Pacific, which has been transformed into a miserable puddle by the upheaval of the land masses. They hunt down the last survivors of the world and the newly made creatures brought into the world through the presence of Tsukuyumi: evolved animals, man-machine hybrids, and more! A fierce battle for supremacy in this new world has begun - and the battle cry is: Everyone against everyone, but everyone against Tsukuyumi!

Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down is a strategy game that removes the element of luck, giving players the challenge of winning based on their tactics and skills. Choose one of four different factions, conquer territories, and battle your opponents to earn the most victory points.

The included miniatures are supplied unpainted and pre-assembled.

37 Area Tiles
3 Moon Tile Pieces
37 Action Cards
1 Victory Point Board
13 Blockade/Passage Markers
15 Unstable Markers
15 Radioactive Markers
10 Negation Markers
15 Tsukuyumi Markers
1 Oni Combat Card
2 Legendary Oni Cards
2 Round Markers
4 Homezones
1 Initiative Board
25 Faction Cards
23 Event Cards
4 Initiative Markers
4 x 4 Stats Sheets
130 Territory Markers
4 Mission Cards
20 Mines Markers
12 Weapons Markers
35 Terraforming Markers
25 Egg Markers
4 Cybersamurai Markers
4 Faction Sheets
  ‣ Nomads
  ‣ Dark Seed
  ‣ Boarlords
  ‣ Cybersamurai
21 Oni Miniatures
15 Nomads Miniatures
38 Dark Seed Miniatures
23 Boarlords Miniatures
20 Cybersamurai Miniatures
1 Rulebook
1 Codex



PLAY TIME: 90-180 mins

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