Valeria: Card Kingdom (2nd Edition) - Darksworn

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The borders of Valeria expand to the inhospitable Western Regions where aberrations reign and an ancient evil awakens!

Darksworn introduces cooperative and narrative-driven game play to Valeria with 6 connected books that continuously introduce new rules and components. Use cards from the base game or previous expansions to balance your desired difficulty! Play The Forgotten Temple, a cooperative dungeon delve with endless room and final boss combinations.

Darksworn takes the solo mode from the base game and expands it to allow all players to participate in pushing back the Shade monsters and completing story tasks.

Play Cooperatively – From 1 to 5 players, the game adapts to player count.
Choose Your Difficulty – Using Citizen and Monster cards from the base game or expansions, you can set your own difficulty.
Narrative-driven Game Play – Complete each task to progress the story and defeat the boss in each book.
Evolving Mechanics – Each book unlocks new rules and components for an ever-changing experience.

This expansion requires a copy of Valeria: Card Kingdom (2nd Edition).



PLAY TIME: 30-45 mins

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