Valeria: Card Kingdom (2nd Edition) - Flames & Frost

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The Kingdom of Valeria is expanding to the fiery peaks of volcanoes, and the cold ridges of glacial mountains! Valeria: Card Kingdoms – Flames & Frost brings in a whole new set of Citizens, Monsters, Domains, and Dukes that you can play by replacing or mixing with components from the base game, for all new experiences!

This expansion introduces the new Wild icon which gives you flexibility when gaining or spending resources. Expect stronger Monsters and more powerful Domains!

Mix & Match Cards – All new sets of cards give you countless combinations to try.
Mighty Monsters – This expansion introduces the strongest monsters to a game of Valeria: Card Kingdoms.
Wild Resources – With the new Wild icon, you choose the resource you want to spend.
New Dukes – A new set of cards give you new ways to score bonus victory points at the end of the game.

This expansion requires a copy of Valeria: Card Kingdom (2nd Edition).



PLAY TIME: 30-45 mins

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