Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Keeper of Keys

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In Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Keeper of Keys, tensions continue to rise in the King’s court. Some choose to plot in secret, forging alliances with like-minded officials. Others seek out treasures and secrets hidden deep within the castle walls. Will you remain loyal to the very end, or take your future into your own hands?

20 Townsfolk Cards
10 Hero Townsfolk Cards
12 Starting Townsfolk Cards
5 Player Cards
1 AI Scheme Card
1 Illustrated Rulebook
3 Public Building Tokens
3 Public Building Cards
18 Chest Tiles
5 Manuscripts

Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Keeper of Keys is an expansion. Viscounts of the West Kingdom is required to play.



PLAY TIME: 60-90 mins

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