Waste Knights (2nd Edition): Tales from the Outback

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The Waste is in turmoil. New challenges arise as old technologies, strange cults and pre-Scourge secrets return to haunt the survivors of the apocalypse. From the war-torn west to the struggling east, the inhabitants of ruined Australia are longing for a moment of respite.

Will you be the one to grant it? Will you face the unknown threats to prove human superiority? Or maybe you will seize the opportunity and grab what you can before everything goes to hell? Time to prove your mettle against fearsome enemies and impossible dangers. Time to show everyone that your deserve to be called a Waste Knight!

Tales from the Outback is an expansion for Waste Knights: Second Edition, a post-apocalyptic game of adventure and survival. It contains all non-exclusive game components from the successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, upgrading your core game with the following:
• 4 new Adventures featured in the 20-pages long, full-color Guide and the 100-pages long Book of Tales
• 4 new Knights with highly-detailed minis, sheets and Upgrade Cards
• 4 new vehicles to travel the wasteland
• Tens of tokens and cards depicting Gear, Enemies, Events, and more
• New game mechanics enabling you to pimp up your ride, fulfill quests and look for legendary places lost in time

Prepare yourself for many hours of climatic, immersive gameplay and reach for new tools to survive in this desolate world!

This expansion requires a copy of Waste Knights (2nd Edition)



PLAY TIME: 45-180 mins

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