Watergate: Change in History Promo (SEE LOW PRICE AT CHECKOUT)



Watergate: Change in History is a pair of promo cards for Watergate that was originally given to attendees of the 2020 Camp Capstone virtual convention. Later available as part of Pack C from the Dice Tower 2021 Kickstarter campaign.

One card is for the Nixon player and the other is for the Editor player. If one game of Watergate follows another without the players switching roles, whichever player lost receives their promo card, with that card providing an advantageous action that may be used once at any point in the game.

The two cards are:
The Day After: Move 1 evidence token 2 steps.
Meet the Press: Move the momentum token 2 steps.

This promo requires a copy of Watergate



PLAY TIME: 30-60 mins

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