Zero to 100



A vaguely intelligent party game!

In Zero to 100, your challenge is not to be too far off target when answering trivia questions. Divide players into three teams and give each team six question cards at random. Each question has a numerical answer from 0 to 100 on its reverse side, but you can never look at the back of a question card until after you play it!

For the first round, place the 50 number card in the center of play. Each team chooses a question card in front of them that they think will be as close to 50 as possible. Once each team has chosen, reveal the numbers on the back of the cards. Whichever team was farthest away from 50 draws a new question card from the deck — while the other teams discard their question cards — then the number on the back of the losing team's question card becomes the new target number for the next round. Each team has three power cards, and you can play a power card with your question card to raise or lower your number by 50; raise or lower it by 20; or allow you to discard an extra question card should your answer be within 5 of the target number.

The first team to have only question card in front of them wins! If multiple teams go down to one question card at the same time, they each must guess the answer on their own question card, and whichever team is closest wins.



PLAY TIME: 15-20 mins

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